Zafrani Pulao

Zafrani Pulao
  • Rice is one of the staple item is any Indian spread. Thus, to break the mundane, Indian cuisine has different kinds of rice recipe. Simple tweaks and little modification during rice making process make it scrumptious pulao. In this blog post, Punit Protein – one of the best basmati rice brand in Vadodara compiles the recipe of one such Indian pulao which is called Zafrani Pulao. Zafrani Pulao tastes light yet delicious and can be served with any kind of rich gravy. The Zafrani Pulao dish can be made with non-sticky basmati rice and basmati rice.
  • Zafrani Pulao Recipe
  • Zafrani Pulao Ingredients
    5 Green Cardamom
    5 Cloves
    5 Cinnamon Stick
    Rice (1/2 cup non-sticky basmati rice/basmati rice)
  • Zafrani Pulao Recipe Methodology
  • Zafrani Pulao Recipe Step I- Wash the non-sticky basmati rice/basmati rice and strain the water completely. Mix a tablespoon of ghee, green cardamom, cinnamon stick and cloves. Let this rest up to 30 minutes.
  • Zafrani Pulao Recipe Step II- In two tablespoons of ghee, stir fry dry fruits – almond, cashew and raisin. Take 5-8 pieces of each dry fruit for the Zafrani Pulao recipe.
  • Zafrani Pulao Recipe Step III – Once the dry fruits turn transparent in color, add the strained rice and fry for around three minutes. Add water for the rice to half cook along with the dry fruits.
  • Zafrani Pulao Recipe Step IV – In a saucepan, mix ½ liter milk with 2 tablespoons of fresh cream. To this add, 2 tablespoons of sugar. Cook this for up to 5 minutes.
  • Zafrani Pulao Recipe Step V – Add the milk-cream mix to the rice to completely cook.