Easy Cook Basmati Rice – Royal

Looking for the best basmati rice brand in Vadodara, Gujarat? The answer i...

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Punit Deshi Toor Dal


Toor Dal is an integral part of Indian kitchens. It is also called as Arha...

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Punit Rajwadi Wheat


Punit Rajwadi Wheat has been the cooking secret of many Indian households....

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Punit Chana Dal


Punit Proteins as the best chana dal wholesaler from Vadodara, Gujarat exp...

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We are in the Market to serve for the Goodwill. It’s always good to Love, Cherish and Eat Delicious & Great Food. We at Punit Proteins Private Limited are making the difference and serving our Customers with the Highest Nutritional Value Whole Grains that last them long. Thus, consider it a Deal of Love & Fulfillment.

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Quality Inspection Team

What makes us Sustainable in the Industry we are in is Quality Whole Grains. And, we do it by having the Best & Reliable Quality Inspection Team in place. That’s what makes the Big Difference and Helps us Play an Imperative Role to Serve Customers at large.

Trusted By Millions

The fact is – We are a Leading Whole Grain Supplier. And, the reason is simple – We focus on Quality Deliverable. That’s how we are able to have our customers with Premium Whole Grains at the same time. It really takes a Creative Approach and we love doing it!

Assured Satisfaction

We use Deep Knowledge as well as understand Technicalities to ensure everything stays in place in the best possible manner. To make sure our Whole Grains maintain Superior Quality, we have got the Best Team & Auditors to perform their part of jobs that need the fullest Attention & Care. Again, it’s our Love to our Customers.

Why Choose Punit Proteins?

Healthier Whole Grains

We Care about You. All we are doing is to connect you to the Right Whole Grains. So, you can stay Energetic & Active throughout the Day. When you choose us, you get the Fine-Toned, Healthier as well as Nutritive Whole Grains of your Choice!

Our Satisfied Customers

I am happy. I am rejuvenated. I am completely reliving the moments I ever wanted to. I ordered quality and nutritive pulses and whole-grains from Punit Proteins, and my complete family members loved how it tasted.

Vikram Upadhyay

Punit has all best quality products. Their products are energy-packed and worth the use. I finally loved my decision and made the purchase. More to buy their products in future! Thanks so much.

Keyur Patel

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