Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

Moong Dal Halwa Recipe
  • Almost every household eats varieties of Dals such as whole split moong dal, chana dal, toor dal and much more every alternate day. This naturally leads to a quest for unique Dal recipes. Punit Proteins recognizes that not all dal recipes must be spicy, some can be sweet too. Here we continue to add a new Dal recipe to our official website that you can cook and enjoy at home with family.
    Let's learn how to make Moong Dal Halwa, a recipe by Punit Proteins' expert chefs in today's blog.
    Moong Dal Halwa is a little time consuming but it’s worth the wait.
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  • Moong Dal Halwa Recipe:
  • Soak a cup full of moong dal in water and leave it overnight.
  • Drain the water and then grind the moong dal and make a fine paste by adding some water.
  • Take around 10 tbsp ghee in the non stick pan (clarified butter).
  • Add the grinded moong dal.
  • Stir it well. (Cooking in non stick utensils makes it easier to still as the ingredients doesn’t stick to the base)
  • Continue stirring halwa on a medium flame till the raw aroma of lentils is gone completely. The halwa becomes pasty, and slowly starts getting lumpy and after some time it will break down releasing the fat from the sides.
  • Let the halwa cook on a low flame. And take a cup full of whole milk in a pan, add 2 cups of water and a cup full of sugar. Stir the mixture well until the sugar gets dissolved and let it come to boil.
  • You’ll observe the moong dal got separated and has a granular consistency.
  • As soon as the milk mixture comes to boil, add it to the fried moong dal.
  • Stir it carefully.
  • Let it settle down and cook on a low flame.
  • The liquid needs to get absorbed and you’ll see the ghee getting separated once again. It’s finally done. It’ll take you around an hour to make this delicious moong dal halwa.
  • Garnish it by adding ⅓ tsp of cardamom powder, 8-10 chopped pistachios and 1 tbsp raisins.
  • Serve moong dal halwa hot.