Masoor Dal Pakoda

Masoor Dal Pakoda
  • Craving for a pakoda and have hardly supply left in your kitchen? Then, masoor dal Pakoda is your rescue. With minimal ingredients, Masoor Dal Pakoda is a crunchy fritter that can be taken with any meal or as a snack. Further, the same pakodas can be dipped in tomato-ginger gravy to make it a main course. Without further delay, lets quickly take you through the Masoor Dal Pakoda recipe which needs overnight/long preparation time.
  • Masoor Dal Pakoda Ingredients:
  • Masoor Dal – 1 cup
    Water – 3 cups
    Onion – 1 (small)
    Green Chillies – 2 pieces
    Coriander leaves – 1 tablespoon (chopped)
    Turmeric powder, Red chilli powder - Optional
  • Recipe for Masoor Dal Pakoda Step 1:
    Wash, clean and soak a cup of masoor dal in two cups of water. This soaking softens the masoor dal and makes it easy to prepare the Masoor Dal Pakoda. You can now buy masoor dal at Punit Proteins only.
  • Recipe for Masoor Dal Pakoda Step 2:
    Once the masoor dal has soaked in water for minimum 4-5 hours, you can move to the next step of making Masoor Dal Pakoda. Now, chop vegetables (onion, green chilli and fresh coriander leaves) small and keep them aside.
  • Recipe for Masoor Dal Pakoda Step 3:
    Strain the soaked masoor dal and prepare it for grinding in a mixer jar. You can add salt in the recipe of Masoor Dal Pakoda at this point. Grind it to a paste. Try not to add extra water. However, add water only if you feel that the masoor dal paste is extremely dry.
  • Recipe for Masoor Dal Pakoda Step 4:
    In the masoor dal, now mix the chopped vegetables. You may add a pinch of the powder spices (optional).
  • Recipe for Masoor Dal Pakoda Step 5:
    Make round balls out of the masoor dal mix. Please note the balls of Masoor Dal Pakoda should be within 1 inch diameter. Bigger pakoda size might make it difficult to fry uniformly.
  • Recipe for Masoor Dal Pakoda Step 6:
    Masoor Dal Pakoda recipe should ideally be deep fried. However, if you are health conscious you can choose to shallow fry it too. Fry the Masoor Dal Pakoda in low flame such that both outside coat and inside filling cook nicely. You can fry up to 6-8 Masoor Dal Pakoda in one go, depending on the size of the pan.
  • This recipe of Masoor Dal Pakoda is compiled by culinary experts of Punit Proteins who offers masoor dal, whole split moong dal and is counted among the top toor dal manufacturers in Gujarat.