Hummus Recipe Using Kabuli Chana

Hummus Recipe Using Kabuli Chana
  • Hummus originating from the Arabic cuisine is a dip or spread that is used as condiment with meat, smoked vegetables and so on. It tastes great and has excellent health benefits. As hummus is easy to prepare and fits with all kinds of cuisines, you can even try making hummus at home. In this blog we are including an easy authentic Hummus recipe that requires minimal cooking duration, least ingredients and is yet a flavorful preparation.
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  • The ingredients required to make hummus recipe at home are kabuli chana(called as chickpeas in English), garlic, tahini, fresh lime juice, baking soda, cumin powder, salt, olive oil and water. Please note, the hummus recipe is an overnight one and should be cooked with precision. You can now buy pulses online at the official website of Punit Proteins.
  • One night before the day of making hummus, you have to soak the kabuli chana for 7-8 hours/overnight. Wash the kabuli chana and soak it. The ratio of water to kabuli chana for hummus recipe should be 1:2.
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  • On the day of making the hummus recipe, start by boiling the hummus in pressure cooker up to 6 whistles in pressures cooker. Add half teaspoon baking soda for faster boiling and easy cooking of the hummus recipe. Once the boiled chickpeas is ready, strain the excess water.
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  • In a grinder, put the boiled kabuli chana along with garlic cloves, tahini, lemon juice, salt and olive oil. Blend this to a smooth paste. If required, add extra cold water to get the right consistency of the hummus. The hummus is ready and you can serve it. Hummus prepared with fresh ingredients and best quality tahini can be stored up to 3-days in the freezer.
  • When serving the hummus, you can drizzle some extra olive oil and paprika on it for taste and garnishing.
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