Garlic Herb Rice

Garlic Herb Rice
  • Eating steam rice in every meal becomes really boring in the long run. Neither is it possible to spend extra long hours in the kitchen and cook luxurious rice recipes every day. Looking for a solution?
  • Well, we at Punit Proteins advocate adding little twist to your daily rice recipe for extra flavor and taste. This makes the rice wholesome and tasty without much effort. Our official website has many such easy recipes that you can check now.
  • The Punit Proteins website has many similar daily rice recipes. Today, in this blog, we will be compiling the recipe of Garlic Herb Rice.
  • Ingredients for Garlic Herb Rice:
    Punit Proteins Rice
    Coriander Leaves
    Mint Leaves
    Black Pepper
  • Recipe for Garlic Herb Rice Step 1:
    Simply wash and cook the rice. For Garlic Herb Rice, you can choose from the Punit Proteins rice range includes non-sticky basmati rice and wada kolam rice.
  • Recipe for Garlic Herb Rice Step 2:
    Chop the vegetables – garlic, coriander leaves and mint leaves.
  • Recipe for Garlic Herb Rice Step 3:
    In pan, add a tablespoon of butter. To this add, garlic. Fry garlic for around 15 seconds or till little golden in color. Next, add the coriander and mint leaves. Stir fry this for less than a minute. Be careful, as all the vegetables used in this recipe burn quickly.
  • Recipe for Garlic Herb Rice Step 4:
    Add the rice and lower the flame. Nicely mix the vegetables and rice together.
  • Recipe for Garlic Herb Rice Step 5:
    Once you feel the aroma of the vegetables along with rice and butter, sprinkle salt and black pepper powder. Toss everything together.
  • This recipe of Garlic Herb Rice is compiled by Punit Proteins. Punit Proteins is a pulse supplier company in Gujarat.
  • Punit Proteins also offers lachkari kolam rice and jeerasar rice.