Urad Whole Split

Urad Whole Split

Punit Proteins Urad Dal (Whole) is delicious in taste and healthy for the body.

As the best pulse supplier company in Gujarat, Punit Proteins offers Urad Dal (Whole) in best quality and lowest pricing. This is to help Indian families include Urad Dal in their everyday diet.

Now, let’s quickly look at how including Punit Proteins Urad Dal (Whole) in everyday meals benefits the body:

a)      Cures common digestive problem like constipation

b)      High fibre content that protects the heart

c)       Storehouse of iron

d)      Contains minerals that improve bone structure

e)      Strengthens nervous system

There are many popular Indian recipes that include Punit Proteins Urad Dal (Whole) such as Dal Makhni. In English Urad Dal (whole) is called Split Black Gram.

Punit Proteins recommends soaking the Punit Proteins Urad Dal (whole) overnight for easy cooking and enriched taste.

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Urad Whole Split