Punit Chana Dal

Punit Chana Dal

Punit Proteins as the best chana dal wholesaler from Vadodara, Gujarat explains the importance of including Punit Chana Dal in your kitchen and meals. Punit Proteins being the manufacturer of the chana dal offers organically grown chana dal only that does not use pesticides, chemicals, taste enhancers or colors in the farming process.

The distinguishing factors of the Punit Chana Dal are as follows:

·         Organic Chana Dal only

·         Rich in taste and nutrients

·         Additional antioxidant properties

·         Unadulterated and unpolished

·         Good source of fibre

Punit Chana Dal can be part of your everyday meal. Patients must include Punit Proteins in their diet for faster recovery and energy boost.

In English, chana dal is called Bengal Dram.

There are many recipes of chana dal to follow. Punit Chana Dal tastes good with both roti and rice.

Punit Proteins recommends soaking the chana dal for an hour before cooking in lukewarm water for tastier and richer chana dal consistency.

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Punit Chana Dal