Punit Chana Dal

Punit Chana Dal

Punit Proteins, the top chana dal wholesaler in Vadodara, Gujarat, discusses why having Punit Chana Dal in your kitchen and meals is so important. Punit Proteins, the chana dal maker, exclusively sells organically cultivated chana dal that is free of pesticides, chemicals, flavour enhancers, and colours during the cultivation process.


Eating chana dal not only aids weight reduction but is also a healthy source of nutrients for diabetics, as the high fibre content in chana dal aids glucose absorption and maintains blood sugar levels.


Are you also concerned about significant hair loss and damage? The folic acid present in chana dal helps nourish the scalp as well as strengthen your hair roots which eventually prevents hair loss.


The Punit Chana Dal is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Organic Chana Dal 

  • Rich in taste and nutrients

  • Additional antioxidant properties

  • Unadulterated and unpolished

  • Good source of fibre

Punit Chana Dal can be used in a number of dishes that can be consumed on a regular basis. Punit Proteins is the best chana dal wholesaler in Gujarat, India.


There are numerous chana dal recipes to choose from. Dishes made with Punit Chana Dal taste delicious with roti or rice. Punit Proteins suggests soaking the chana dal in lukewarm water for an hour before cooking for better and richer consistency. Punit Proteins is popular for offering the best quality chana dal at wholesale prices in Vadodara.

Punit Chana Dal