Masoor Whole Dal

Masoor Whole Dal

For many Indian households, Punit Proteins - one of the most prevalent Masoor Dal wholesalers in Vadodara is the preferred option. Punit Proteins, the leading pulse supplier in Gujarat, supplies masoor whole dal at a reasonable price. Punit Proteins Masoor Whole Dal can now be easily incorporated into a daily diet.


Masoor dal, commonly known as red lentil, is a popular dal in Indian cuisine because of its essential nutritional profile and therapeutic properties. Masoor dal has been cultivated abundantly in the Indian subcontinent since time immemorial for its numerous nutritional and culinary benefits. All you need is a bowl of masoor dal to get your daily dose of important nutrients. It's a simple to cook dal because it's a split lentil with no skin that doesn't need to be soaked first. Masoor dal has a subtle sweetness and earthy flavour that pairs well with all spices and may be used to make a variety of dishes.


Punit Proteins have health and dietary benefits. 

  • Masoor Whole Dal is a dietary fibre powerhouse.

  • The Glycemic index is low.

  • It regulates blood sugar levels.

  • Diabetic individuals will benefit from this.

  • Lower your cholesterol levels.

  • Energy levels are boosted by the low-fat content.

  • Has an effect on bowel movements that aren't regular.

  • Benefits of anti-ageing.

  • Helps in nourishing teeth and bones.

Punit Proteins Masoor Whole Dal can be prepared in a variety of ways. The first method of preparation is to boil and temper it like any other Indian dal. Punit Proteins Masoor Whole Dal is even used to create pakodas.


Punit Proteins Masoor Whole Dal is a must-have in your kitchen, with so many nutritional benefits and recipes to look forward to. Punit Proteins is currently selling masoor dal and is accepting bulk orders. Place your order now.