Khushboo Basmati Rice Special

Khushboo Basmati Rice Special

Punit Proteins is Vadodara's most popular basmati rice supplier that offers the best quality Khushboo Basmati Rice Special. It is non-sticky and has a unique scent as well as flavour. Punit Proteins Khushboo Basmati Rice Special is easier to digest thanks to its low fat and cholesterol level. 


Punit Proteins Khushboo Basmati Rice Special is one of India's best-selling rice varieties, because of its natural curation and nurturing. It is an excellent source of energy that can be used to make both vegetarian and non-vegetarian briyani. 


Basmati rice, both brown and white, has numerous health benefits, including:


  • Diabetes:

The glycemic index of basmati rice is 50 to 58, which is significantly lower than other forms of rice. You can consume a small portion of basmati rice as a part of your balanced diet if you are suffering from diabetes.


  • Fibre:

Basmati rice, in addition to having a lower glycemic index, can also have a large quantity of fibre – just make sure you read the nutrition label. Increased dietary fibre consumption can assist to lower the risk of acquiring Type 2 diabetes.


A fibre-lacking diet can cause constipation. Basmati rice is high in soluble fibre, which adds bulk and helps waste flow through your digestive tract.


Punit Proteins is also known for providing the most affordable basmati rice in Gujarat, India. This basmati rice can also be used on a daily basis, thanks to its low cost.

Khushboo Basmati Rice Special