Chana Brown

Chana Brown

Punit Proteins Chana (brown) is a delicious option that is a favourite in most Indian households.


The best news is that including Punit Proteins Chana (brown) into your daily diet is quite easy. Punit Proteins Chana (brown) can be used in a variety of dishes, from basic salads to curries. Buy Desi Chana in Vadodara offered by Punit Proteins which is high in protein, fibre, and carbs. It's high in vitamin B6, folate, Vitamin C, thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin, as well as minerals including iron, phosphorus, copper and manganese. Chana (brown) is high in nutrients that help to stimulate the immune system, promote muscle mass, control diabetes, and improve hair, skin, and nail health. Punit Proteins offers the most reasonable chana brown price in Vadodara.


Consider the following health advantages of Punit Proteins Chana (brown) in your daily diet:

  • Fibre and protein-rich

  • Calorie and carbohydrate content are both low.

  • Helps you feel fuller for longer. It's also good for diabetics and people with high blood pressure.

  • Inflammation is reduced.

  • Enhances the body's bone structure

  • Beneficial to cancer patients

  • Booster of immunity

Punit Proteins Chana (brown) can be consumed by anyone in the household, from children to the elderly. Punit Proteins Chana (brown) is recommended by health professionals for daily consumption. Thanks to Punit Proteins, Brown Chana prices in Vadodara are affordable as compared to other cities in India. Start placing your orders today.

Chana Brown