Chana Brown

Chana Brown

Punit Proteins Chana (brown) is an excellent offering that is a loved staple of most Indian kitchens.

The best part is including Punit Proteins Chana (brown) in everyday diet is very simple. From simple salad to curries – Punit Proteins Chana (brown) can be consumed in manifold ways.

Let’s quickly look at the health benefits of Punit Proteins Chana (brown) in every day diet:

a)      High in fibre and protein

b)      Low in calorie and carbs

c)       Helps to remain full for longer

d)      Healthy for diabetic and blood pressure patients

e)      Controls inflammation

f)       Boosts body bone structure

g)      Helpful for cancer patients

h)      Immunity booster

Punit Proteins Chana (brown) can be consumed by children to older members of the family. Health experts recommend adding Punit Proteins Chana (brown) in everyday diet.

Punit Proteins Chana brown price is very reasonable. Punit Proteins offers lowest chana price in Vadodara. This makes Punit Proteins a trusted pulse supplier company in Gujarat.

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Chana Brown